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Mary begins the session by visiting with the recipient and learning what they’re hoping to receive from the session and explaining the treatment process.

Mary provides a calm, comfortable space so recipients can relax while listening to soft meditative music during their session. 

In Person Treatments can be done while the recipient is laying down or sitting comfortably in a chair.
During the treatment, Mary lightly lays her hands on or hovers a few inches above the body.

In situations when touch is not an option, Mary will beam Reiki energy to the recipient from a comfortable distance away.

Full Sessions generally range from 30 minutes to an hour. (Children and pets require less time.)
Once the treatment is completed, Mary reports information she’s gathered during the session and discus’s the recipients experience.


Treatment Options

In-Person Sessions

2 locations to choose from in the Twin Cities Metro Area. (Plymouth and Robbinsdale, MN)

Distant Treatments

This option allows anyone to receive a treatment while anywhere in the world. 
The recipient simply finds a comfortable position in a quiet setting while Mary remotely connects to their energy and sends Reiki to them. When finished with the treatment, she calls or texts the recipient to review the session.


Zoom Session

This option also allows anyone to receive a treatment while anywhere in the world. While the recipient is in a comfortable position in a quiet setting, Mary can see the recipient as she sends remote healing. When finished with the treatment, they discuss the session. All options provide an optimum relaxing and healing experience.

Treatment Pricing


- Front  $45
-Front and Back $65

Three  Sessions Per Week:
-Front $105
-Front and Back $165


 (Infant through age 13)
​ -Front $35
-Front and Back $50

Three  Sessions Per Week: 
-Front $75
-Front and Back $120



$30 (Distant Session)

$30 Plus Trip Charge for In Person Session (Within Twin Cities Metro Area)
(Trip Charge Based on Milage)

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