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Integrating Reiki into other modalities

Some of the many modalities Reiki compliments:
  • Meditation

  • Yoga

  • Massage

  • Acupuncture

Yoga Class
Customized Reiki Training for Yoga Teachers:
Reiki and Yoga

Reiki and Yoga are both amazing modalities on their own, however, when combined they are a powerful healing combination.

Reiki helps one understand the deeper energies of Yoga, Yoga helps the flow of Reiki energy.

It provides a wonderful combination and harmonization of mind and body.
In this customized Training, students complete the original Reiki 1 and 2 Certification Training however, an additional module has been designed specifically for Yoga Teachers. 

Why add Reiki to your practice?

By learning Reiki, you will personally experience another powerful technique to connect to and heal your body, mind and spirit. This in turn will enhance your teaching abilities.


As a Yoga teacher you are already accustomed to helping others achieve health and well-being. Reiki will allow you to provide an additional, amazing and natural healing modality.

Covered in this Module-
Students will learn how to incorporate Reiki Healing into their Practice:

•    Learn how to beam Reiki healing energy intermittently during all Yoga classes. (In person or remote classes, after completing Reiki ll.)

•    Learn how to provide Reiki during Assists/Adjustments. 

•    Students will be introduced to a unique and powerful “Energy Healing Yoga” class which incorporates Passive Yoga (Such as Restorative and/or Yin) with one-on-one Reiki. (In person or remote, after competing Reiki ll.)

Students will learn how to plan and execute the class step by step.

•    Students will have the opportunity to collaborate and create their own unique Reiki infused Yoga classes.

•    Learn to infuse Reiki into private Yoga classes. (In person or remote, after completing Reiki ll.)

•    Review Setting up Private Reiki Treatments. (In person or remote, after completing Reiki ll.)

Not only will Yoga Teachers be adding an additional healing modality to their practice, they will be adding an additional revenue stream. 
Cost - $190 Reiki I
Cost - $240 Reiki II (Includes Energy Healing Yoga Module)
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