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Meet Mary

Reiki Master

Intuitive Advisor and Medium

Meditation Teacher

Being intuitive, Mary has always had a connection to energy with sensing and feeling it.
During an extremely trying period in her life, she was experiencing extreme stress and anxiety. Fortunately, a friend introduced her to "Reiki Energy Healing."  Knowing very little about Reiki, but open to natural healing modalities, Mary chose to give it a try.  After her first treatment session, she felt such a sense of lightness and relief, she continued with Reiki as part of her wellness program.

From there she was drawn to learn more about it and its benefits. Impressed with her findings and experiences she decided to learn Reiki so she could do self-treatments as well as sessions for family and friends. Mary received such positive feedback from those she treated, she was then guided to add Reiki treatments to her business practice.

Eventually realizing she wanted to teach others about this amazing healing technique, Mary became a Reiki Master/Teacher certified in the Usui Method of Reiki. 


I was skeptical when I first heard about Reiki but I was desperate to find relief from stress and knee pain. After the first session I was no longer a skeptic. I experienced a strong sense of relief and Mary’s soothing demeanor and knowledge added to the wonderful experience. 


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